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Smoke swirls.
Smoke curls.
It whispers secrets
you wish were lies
and fogs the truth
before your eyes.

Everywhere is nowhere again
Drift past the eyes of a watching friend

Mumbled, muddled, maybe mulled
Wash the guilt away with suds

Twisted words lose little sense
To twist your words makes little sense

Chase a rabbit down a hole
Where, oh where did that world go?
One part fantasy and daydreams,
One part peaceful delirium,
One part me and nothing more.
Where, oh where did my world go?

Aim for happy,
settle at content.
And suddenly I'm spent.

More I wish I had to say,
but nothing do I find.
It seems that life today
is not the same I left behind.
*shrugs some more*
It's all a bit of nonsense of late isn't it.
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berzelmeier Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2010
:confused:it's more a collage, but why not? ;-)
petula-faerie Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2010
You say the sweetest things :)
Arcmeez Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2010
i think perhaps inspired by alice in wonderland? - 'rabbit down a hole'
petula-faerie Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2010
No. Just because there is a similar theme doesn't mean it was inspired by Alice in Wonderland. I haven't seen the new movie yet, I haven't seen or read any of the movies or books or anythings for many many years.
It's a motif. A commonly used one at that.
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April 13, 2010
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